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See Where Zack Snyder Hid A Copy Of Watchmen In Batman v Superman

If there was one easter egg folks probably weren't keeping their eyes out for during Zack Snyder's Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, it was some sort of reference to a previous comic adaptation of his, Watchmen. Up until today, we hadn't heard of any such references snuck into the film's visual or thematic canon. But that was until today, when someone pointed out that a copy of the Alan Moore graphic novel classic was hiding in the film, and in somewhat plain sight too. Look below at the screen capture of the book's big moment, as we've highlighted where you can spot it.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Watchmen

A steely eyed Redditor found this interesting easter egg upon watching Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and we're quite surprised that no one had found it prior to today. While it's not as flashy or direct as seeing someone reading the book on a Metropolis bus, or giving Lex Luthor a smiley-faced pin to deface before tossing into the trash, it's still something that's relatively easy to spot. That iconic black background with yellow type can be spotted a mile away, and the fact that it's just been spotted forces us to give a little more credit to Zack Snyder.

More interesting is the fact that Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice has the story about the moral and ethical dilemma of costumed and super powered heroes tucked away in the dwelling that Clark Kent and Lois Lane share. On one hand, it would seem to be a better fit being seen in Bruce Wayne's Batcave, as he's kind of preoccupied with similar matters himself. In fact, one could imagine the Batman v Superman version of Mr. Wayne tweeting about how he loves that book, and how Superman is overstepping his boundaries.

On the other hand, seeing that Clark Kent and/or Lois Lane has read or will read Watchmen has us wondering what sort of conversations that this subject has sparked between Metropolis' most well-known couple. In particular, Supes probably had some interesting reactions when experiencing the story of Doctor Manhattan's detachment to humanity and ultimate exile to Mars. For all we know, this is the story that inspired Clark Kent's actions at the end of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, in which he gives his life to protect the city of Metropolis, as well the human race.

After spotting Watchmen on Superman's bookshelf in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we have to wonder if there are any other Zack Snyder easter eggs in the film. Could the girls from Sucker Punch be fighting crime in another alley? Maybe someone's got a copy of 300 in their Blu-ray collection. The possibilities are limited. You can try to find something new that no one else has spotted in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is available on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital HD, and HBO Go at this moment.

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