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We don't exactly know when it's going to happen, but Doctor Strange 2 certainly feels inevitable. To date, The Incredible Hulk is the only Marvel Studios film not to get a sequel, and the Doctor Strange was the company's most successful solo character launch since 2008's Iron Man. The good news on this front is that director Scott Derrickson already has some good ideas stored up in his mind for a follow-up, imagined but not executed during the making of the first movie. The only problem may be that Marvel doesn't really work that way when it comes to developing approach.

Doctor Strange

Toward the end of my interview with Scott Derrickson earlier this week, I asked if he pocketed certain ideas that just wouldn't fit in the first Doctor Strange -- and while he wouldn't offer any specifics, he told me that was definitely something he did. We just may never see them realized, because that's not really a part of the creative process over at Marvel. Derrickson explained,

Yes, in that ideas come to you, and when you recognize they're good ideas, but they don't belong in the movie you're making, you bank then, you know? But I think that I've never known, in my experience with Marvel in general, and this is true on Doctor Strange, but from talking to [Marvel Studios President] Kevin [Feige], I think this is true of all their movies. I don't think they ever make decisions to not do something good so they can save it for later.

Making an analogy, Scott Derrickson went on to explain that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is built not unlike the original House of Ideas: Marvel Comics. When Stan Lee and his fellow artists/editors were building the empire back in the 1960s, issues were being printed as fast as the ideas and art would flow, and it led to establishing one of the greatest publishing companies in history. After nearly a decade, we are now 14 films into the MCU, which is a pretty solid reflection of the comic book giant. Said Derrickson,

I think the MCU is being built the same way Stan Lee built Marvel comics, which is just keep making them. Just keep moving forward one comic at a time, and watch it evolve. And I think that's working for them! It worked for Stan Lee and it's certainly working for Marvel and the MCU.

As always, we'll be keeping a close eye on all Marvel and Doctor Strange 2 developments, but also be sure to stay tuned for both more from my Scott Derrickson interview, and Doctor Strange on Blu-ray and DVD -- which is coming out February 28th.