A Dog's Purpose's message of peace, love, and harmony between pets and their owners was undercut with the recently leaked release of one of its pooches being forced to swim against its will during production.

Ever since this footage emerged last week, the cast and crew connected with A Dog's Purpose have been on damage control. Its not expected to work, though, and box office experts are predicting that it will now struggle because of this controversy.

But A Dog's Purpose is far from the first film to have been waylaid by controversy just before its release. Here are five other movies that were dealt huge blows in the build-up to hitting cinemas, which they weren't able to recover from.

Fantastic Four

Josh Trank's attempted reboot of Marvel's most beloved foursome was in trouble from the very get-go. Some of the reasons were downright deplorable, as ridiculously over-protective fans took umbrage with the fact that Michael B. Jordan had been cast as Johnny Storm. But then it started to emerge that Trank and 20th Century Fox had clashed throughout its production. The studio was allegedly so dissatisfied with Josh Trank's version of the film that they ordered alterations without his supervision, and there were allegations that Trank behaved erratically on set. All of this reached a boiling point when just a day before Fantastic Four was released, and with the film having been savaged by critics, Trank took to Twitter to write, "A year ago I had a fantastic version of this. And it would've received great reviews. You'll probably never see it. That's reality though." The film bombed at the box office, Trank was subsequently kicked off a Star Wars anthology film, and now the Fantastic Four franchise is once again in limbo.

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