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Nobody is quite sure what to expect from the fact that we're getting yet another Pirates of the Caribbean movie, however, that's exactly what 's happening. The good news is, it appears we may be getting a better idea what we're in for very soon. A new trailer has been rated for the film which means we would expect it to hit in the very short term, and since there's a major television event coming up in the next week, our guess we'll be seeing the new spot at the Super Bowl.

Pirates of the Caribbean

According to Trailer Track, a new trailer has been recently rated by Consumer Protection BC. It's 80 seconds long and was approved for broadcast in Canada on January 26. Considering one of the most watched television events is currently set for this Sunday, and several films usually put trailers up in order to get buzz going, there's a better than even chance that Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales will run a TV spot this Sunday.

We've seen one teaser trailer already, and at 80 seconds long, the TV spot will be nearly a full minute shorter than that teaser, so it will be interesting to see how much new information we actually get out of it. While the basic plot of the movie is known, it hasn't been spelled out in the media that's been released. The initial trailer was also conspicuously missing one major aspect of the movie, there was no sign of Johnny Depp at all.

We're guessing that we will get our first look at Captain Jack Sparrow in the Super Bowl ad spot. Simply hearing his name referenced won't be enough for the Super Bowl audience. While we may not get much more than that thanks to the short runtime, seeing Johnny Depp in costume and spouting slurred one-liners is what many enjoy most about the franchise, so we'll probably get exactly that.

It still remains to be seen just how excited people are for a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The last film in the franchise was so poorly received that it looked like it may have killed things entirely, however, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides still went on to gross a giant pile of money, and as such, they've gone back to the well at least one more time. This is a sequel that nobody really asked for, but on the off chance that it turns out to be as good as the first film in the series, we'll embrace it when it arrives.

We expect several other films will be debuting trailers on Sunday as well, so keep your eyes on CinemaBlend on Sunday as we'll have all the trailers here so you can enjoy them without having to deal with people talking over them about some inconsequential sporting event.

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