The world of horror sequels is a crazy mixed bag. There are unquestionably some legitimate classics out there, and a good number that can be labeled "underrated," but there are far more that can be called downright bad. Because of this track record, it's sometimes hard to get excited for certain follow-ups, but that's exactly the time you need to remember the sequels that actually managed to be good after following lame predecessors.

This weekend will see the release of Rings, and while the jury is still out on its level of quality, many are taking this week to remember just how bad The Rings Two really was. To help and try to lighten perspectives, we've highlighted six different horror movie sequels that were better than expected by redeeming the franchises of which they were a part. Read on for our picks, and tell us your own choices in the comments section below!

Final Destination 5

In 2009, it looked like the Final Destination franchise was coming to a conclusive end... but boy, was their attempt at a last chapter terrible. The Final Destination lacked anything and everything that made its predecessors fun, thrilling rides -- including an interesting and epic opening sequence and creative deaths. Considering how good the first two installments of the series are, it was a serious bummer. Thankfully director Steven Quale made The Final Destination 5 and actually managed to right the ship.

Admittedly Final Destination 5 doesn't have the best opening in the series -- that trophy belongs to Final Destination 2 -- but it's perhaps the most consistently awesome in the franchise when it comes to memorable death. The gymnastics sequence is brilliantly full of false leads, and I will probably never get Lasik eye surgery ever because of what happens to Jacqueline MacInnes Wood's Olivia Castle. It also happens to have one of the best modern horror twists, which firmly solidified its placement on this list.

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