New Wonder Woman Toys Probably Just Gave Away The Movie's Secret Villain

Warning: possible spoilers for Wonder Woman ahead!

Wonder Woman made her theatrical debut last year in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and later this year, DC and Warner Bros will wind the clock back to tell Diana's origin story in the DC Extended Universe. DC and Warner Bros have already revealed a fair amount about Wonder Woman, from the story taking place during World War I to what its version of Themyscira will look like. One mystery that hasn't answered yet, though, is who the main antagonist will be. Sporadically over the couple years, rumors and reports have pointed towards that person being Ares, the Greek God of War, and now it appears some toys have finally confirmed that.

Images of Wonder Woman action figures have surfaced online (found via Batman-News) like the one above, and if you at them for more than a second, you'll notice that there's more in the boxes than just the figure. What looks like a piece of armor is resting in the bottom right-hand corner, and below that, "Ares" is written on the box. Evidently the Wonder Woman merchandising group is offering extra incentive to collect all the action figures being released, because once you do, you'll be able to take these Ares pieces and put the together to form the villain entirely. More importantly, this is more evidence that DC's version of the Greek God of War will be the one antagonizing Diana during World War I. That said, we can't say any of this is official yet until DC/Warner Bros make an announcement or drop his name in a preview.


Before these toys images sprung up, the most recent indication that Ares will be Wonder Woman's main villain came last month from a French magazine that went on a set visit to the movie. This same report claimed that Ares is the mastermind of a plan to unleash a toxic gas that could wipe humanity. He's apparently jealous of humanity, which was created by his father, Zeus. Given that this is a superhero movie, we knew Wonder Woman would be battling more than just German soldiers, and since Ares has been one of her main adversaries in the comics for decades, he would be a great fit for the movie, especially taking the World War I setting into account.

As for who's playing Ares, that's unclear, although Danny Huston is the most logical candidate. He's been seen in the Wonder Woman trailers dressed in a military uniform and speaking most sinisterly. It's also worth noting that Danny Huston's character, whether he's Ares or someone else, isn't working alone. A masked woman played by Elena Anaya has been seen, and judging by the use of poison gas in the movie, I suspect she might be playing Doctor Poison. So Diana will have at least two unusual evildoers to deal with on top of the soldiers she's beating up

Wonder Woman will be released in theaters on June 2.

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