Wonder Woman Villain: Everything You Need To Know About Ares Before Seeing The Film

The comic book genre is going to undergo a significant shift this summer when Wonder Woman finally hits theaters. As the first major female-fronted superhero movie of the modern age, Diana Prince's (Gal Gadot) solo adventure will represent an important watershed moment for superheroes, and the film industry as a whole. Bits and pieces of the story's narrative have slowly come together over time, and the recent reveal of Ares as the movie's main villain has become one of the biggest and best revelations to date.

Of course, Ares is obviously nowhere near as well known as DC big bads like The Joker or Lex Luthor. To help you make sense of this newly confirmed villain, we have compiled a list of things that you absolutely need to know about him before Wonder Woman hits theaters. First and foremost, let's get you up to speed regarding the long legacy of this particular villain.

Ares Wonder Woman

He Is One Of Wonder Woman's Oldest Enemies

Right off the bat, it's worth pointing out that Ares is one of Wonder Woman's oldest enemies from the DC comic book lore, and as such he represents the perfect villain choice for her first solo movie. The character's publication history dates all the way back to Wonder Woman #1 in 1942, and he has remained a consistent figure within the Wonder Woman mythos in the years since our favorite Amazonian warrior first debuted. He has arguably become Wonder Woman's most iconic and notable foe over the course of the last seventy-five years -- having appeared in comic books, cartoons, and video games. With that in mind, his appearance in Patty Jenkins upcoming Wonder Woman solo movie serves as a reliable indication that the film is digging into the best corners of Diana Prince's mythology for its source material.

Ares Wonder Woman

He Is Typically Depicted Wearing Greek Hoplite Armor

Ares is one DC villain whose overall appearance has shifted numerous times over the years. His visage has ranged from that of a black demon to an old man with blood covered feet in the New 52. Nevertheless, if you mention Ares to most Wonder Woman fans, they are likely to remember him as a hulking, devilish-looking figure adorned in Greek hoplite armor. This has more or less become the traditional depiction of the character. We have yet to see any concrete indication that Wonder Woman will feature this classic version of the iconic bad guy. In fact, the rumor states that Danny Huston might be playing some version of the character. However, considering all of the traditional Wonder Woman tropes that the film has already incorporated, we wouldn't be surprised to see this classic version of the God of Conflict pop up at some point before the credits roll.

Wonder Woman God Killer Sword Ares

He Can Only Be Harmed By Magical Weapons

The trailers for Wonder Woman have thus far shown our favorite Amazonian facing off against traditional soldiers and henchmen, but we already know that there's a far more intense battle ahead. Diana is going to take on Ares at some point during the movie, and if she wants to beat him, she will need to bring a magic-based weapon into the fight. This seems particularly poignant, as recently released images from the upcoming DC movie have showcased Diana stealing the powerful and magical "God Killer" sword from her home in Themyscira and taking it with her to the battlefields of Europe. With that in mind, we have a distinct feeling that the sword won't just look cool on the big screen; it's going to explicitly factor into the narrative of Wonder Woman and play a significant role when Diana finally takes Ares down.

Zeus DC Comics

He Is The Son Of Zeus

One of the most important things to note about Ares is the fact that he actually shares lineage with Diana Prince. Just like the iconic warrior from Themyscira, the ruler of the Olympian gods brought Ares to life, but the God of Conflict never quite fit in with the rest of his family. As a result of this familial connection, Wonder Woman and Ares have often treated each other with a natural rapport not uncommon among estranged siblings. At this point it remains unclear if Wonder Woman will utilize that dynamic in any significant fashion -- primarily because Diana and Ares haven't really interacted in any of the trailers -- but it remains an incredibly rich story that would be a shame to pass up.

WWI ares conflict wonder woman

He Draws His Power From Conflict

If there is one thing that you need to now about Ares before you sit down in a movie theater to watch Wonder Woman, it's the fact that the character thrives off of conflict and derives his power from the ravages of war. After all, he's quite literally known as the God of Conflict. That's what makes the WWI setting so fundamental; he appears to be using the "war to end all wars" as a means to seize as much power as he can, and it's up to Wonder Woman to stop him. This lines up with the original publication of Ares in the 1940s (albeit the old comics used WWII as their backdrop) in which the character used his abilities to influence the Axis powers to escalate the struggle. If nothing else, this means Wonder Woman will be a legitimate war movie, and it won't shy away from the horrors of that setting.

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