The Wonder Woman Trailer May Have Hinted At A Big DC Villain

It's a great day to be a DC fan. A brand new trailer for Diana Prince's upcoming DCEU solo movie has finally dropped, and our excitement for Wonder Woman has officially reached a fever pitch. Although the latest trailer for the imminent WWI period piece doesn't feature too many major plot details, there's one very important aspect of the film that appears to have received a bit more attention: its central villain. Although it's still early, we believe that the newest trailer for Wonder Woman has officially hinted at the presence of Ares as a behind-the-scenes player.

Danny Huston Wonder Woman

The moment in question is incredibly brief, but it's certainly telling for fans of the Wonder Woman mythos. Roughly one minute into the new trailer, we see glimpses of scientists running test on a brand new form of chemical warfare to presumably use on the WWI battlefield. These tests show a mysterious gas that cannot be stopped by protective equipment of the era, and this shot is immediately followed by a glimpse of Danny Huston's character musing about how he will soon be able to take control of the world. It's this specific sequence of shots and events that lead us to believe that he will portray Ares in the film.

Ares Wonder Woman

For those of you who are unaware, Ares is a major player within Wonder Woman's corner of the DC universe. He is the Greek God of War, and he derives his power and strength from the conflict of men. The more we battle one another, the stronger he gets. This seems to provide a perfect rationale for why Wonder Woman takes place during the events of World War I; as Steve Trevor firmly states during the preview, it's the war to end all wars. Based upon what we have seen from this latest trailer, it looks like Ares has pulled the strings behind the scenes to escalate The Great War, and his new chemical weapon is a trump card to further entrench humanity in its bloodiest conflict.

It's also incredibly easy to theorize that Danny Huston may in fact portray Ares in Wonder Woman because the character's look has varied over the course of his publication history. While Ares has typically been depicted with a very demonic looking appearance over the years, plenty of other versions of the character have taken the form of an unassuming man. It's entirely plausible that a more traditional looking version of Ares will reveal himself at some point during the events of Wonder Woman, but it's not outside the realm of possibility that Huston is a version of the legendary villain who is hiding in plain sight.

Of course, we must also acknowledge that the potential company Ares keeps in the Wonder Woman trailer seems to further corroborate this theory. It appears that the mysterious woman in the mask (played by actress Elena Anaya) is working alongside Danny Huston's character to develop this deadly biological weapon. This has led to a number of theories suggesting that Anaya is portraying a similarly iconic Wonder Woman villain known as Circe, an evil sorceress who will serve as a minion or second in command to Ares throughout the events of the film. It's also possible she's playing a version of Dr. Poison in the film. We won't know for sure until June, 2017.

Wonder Woman Circe

We should obviously note that this is all conjecture right now. Wonder Woman is still a long way off, but all of the current evidence seems to point to the presence of some memorable DC villains popping up in Diana Prince's solo movie. We will know for certain once Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2, 2017.

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