Wonder Woman’s Main Villain May Finally Be Confirmed

Wonder Woman

Warning: possible Wonder Woman spoilers are ahead!

This summer, the DC Extended Universe is winding the clock back 100 years for Wonder Woman, which will show what Diana of Themyscira's first time venturing into the outside world was like. The movie's previews have made it clear she'll have plenty of Central Powers soldiers to beat up, but DC and Warner Bros still haven't officially revealed who the main antagonist is. However, it's now being reported that the primary threat will be Ares, the God of War.

Chris Pine, who plays Steve Trevor, spoke with French magazine Studio Ciné Live (via Les Toiles Heroiques) during their set visit about his role in Wonder Woman, specifically how before crashing on Themyscira, Steve stole a notebook containing scientific formulas pertaining to a "deadly gas that could wipe out all of humanity." However, the more interesting part of the report (which wasn't part of Pine's quotes, to be clear) is that it states Ares is the mastermind behind this sinister plan, as he is supposedly jealous of humanity, which was created by his father, Zeus. It's also revealed that Ares killed Zeus for rebelling against him with the Amazons.

Ares Wonder Woman

This isn't the first time it's been reported that Ares is Wonder Woman's main antagonist. Back in 2015, both he and Circe were rumored to be the Amazon superhero's adversaries in the movie, and while it seems unlikely that the latter will appear, the former has been seen as a more plausible candidate. As for who is playing Ares, that wasn't revealed. However, the Wonder Woman trailer released in November highlighted Danny Huston's character as the main threat, so it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume it's him. That same trailer also showed Huston's character overseeing the development of a more destructive poison gas to be used during World War I. Ares has been one of Wonder Woman's primary foes for decades, and using him in a movie set during The Great War is a great narrative choice. That said, considering that he feeds off humanity's conflict, it's peculiar that he would want to kill all the humans in the DCEU, even with that jealousy boiling within him.

Danny Huston Wonder Woman

Whether Ares is indeed Wonder Woman's main villain or it's someone else, he won't be alone. Elena Anaya has also been seen as a masked woman working with Danny Huston's character. She also hasn't been identified, but the poison gas element is right up Doctor Poison's alley, so that's currently my top pick for who she's playing. It may be a while until DC and Warner Bros address whether this Ares information is legitimate or not, but so far from previous reports, images and previews, Wonder Woman looks like it will be one of the more unique superhero movie offerings.

Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2.

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