The following contains minor spoilers for John Wick: Chapter 2.

John Wick is a great action movie. John Wick: Chapter 2 is a pretty damn good action movie. It's clear that there are long-term plans for this title now and that's a good thing, because John Wick has the potential to be a massive action franchise. While the original film was written in a way that no sequel was in any way necessary, that sequel has come, and along with it comes an obvious indication that they plan to do even more with the character.

John Wick: Chapter 3 would seem to be a foregone conclusion following Chapter 2 and word of a prequel TV series is also going around. As long as the level of quality remains high there's absolutely nothing wrong with going back to this well because John Wick has all the pieces of a fantastic action franchise.

Keanu Reeves Is At Home Here

For the longest time, Keanu Reeves had real trouble finding respect as an actor following his early work in films like Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. He was always viewed as the guy who played "surfer dude" types of characters. While movies like The Matrix and Speed helped him break that to a large extent, it's clear from the wide variety of types of films that Reeves has made since then that he's still been looking for the right fit. Having now seen two John Wick movies, it is clear that this is it. Reeves belongs in this role. He can still go off and try other things from here, but having John Wick to come home to will be a good thing for him -- and for the audience.

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