John Wick 2 Trailer Is Explosive And Thrilling

Keanu Reeves' John Wick, a.k.a. Baba Yaga, just can't seem to escape the assassin game for long. In 2014, he went on a rampage after his new dog was killed, and just three years later (from our perspective), he's jumping back into the action to help out and old colleague. A few months after the first John Wick: Chapter Two trailer premiered at New York Comic-Con, Lionsgate has released the newest preview for the upcoming sequel. Check it out!

It turns out that just because John Wick found himself a new dog at the end of the first movie doesn't mean he's finished with his violent lifestyle. The new John Wick: Chapter Two trailer lays out how one of his former assassin colleagues, Santino (played by Riccardo Scamarcio), needs John's help with a specific "task," which we know from the synopsis to be trying to take control of a "shadowy international assassins' guild." Having just recently wiped out all of Viggo Tarasov's gang, John obviously doesn't want to be a part of this new mission, but his house being blown up and him nearly along with it serves as proper motivation to change his mind. Of course, joining one side means that others will be literally gunning for him.

From there, we see the John Wick we know and love back doing what he does best: shooting guns and taking down anyone who stands in his way. The setting this time around is in Rome, but fortunately for John, he has all the resources in place to cause a significant amount of trouble. Some of the new faces being thrown into the mix are The Bowler King (played by Laurence Fishburne), who is all too eager to supply John Wick with a gun; Ares (played by Ruby Rose), a fellow assassin fluent in sign language; and an unnamed assassin (played by Common) who is the head of security for a notable crime lord. Judging by all the men surrounding her, it looks like Ares could be that crime lord.

As far as familiar faces go, Winston (played by Ian McShane), the owner of the prestigious Continental Hotel, does a fine job providing exposition and warning John of the dangers that wait him, while John's police officer buddy Jimmy (played by Thomas Sadoski) will also be involved somehow. There will be plenty of other players appearing in John Wick: Chapter Two, but as for John Wick himself, he has one badass declaration: whoever comes, he'll kill them. He'll kill them all. Of course he will.

John Wick: Chapter Two hits theaters on February 10, 2017.

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