How Power Rangers May Change Zordon's Backstory

Power Rangers Zordon

It doesn't take long to realize that the upcoming Power Rangers reboot has made some serious changes to the lore. Not only have the overall looks of the characters changed, but now it appears that significant aspects of their backstories may have changed as well -- particularly when it comes to Brian Cranston's Zordon. Cranston recently signed a copy of his book for Power Rangers Mega Force Red Ranger Andrew Gray, and the note he left on his signature has many fans considering the possibility that Zordon himself may be a Ranger. It reads:

Happy Birthday! From a Power Ranger, to a Power Ranger. Be Well. Bryan Cranston 2017.

This information (reported by Bleeding Cool) seems oddly specific when we consider the fact that Zordon is not generally known as a Power Ranger. He leads them, but we've never seen him suit up in any of the iconic suits. The character has always been referred to as a wise, wizard-like sage who guides the Rangers through their missions and provides wisdom when they need it. However, this seems to indicate that the Power Rangers reboot will give Zordon a much more hands-on backstory, and make him a former Ranger (possibly a Red Ranger) who passes the mantle onto a new generation of warriors.

This rumor lends credence to the growing fan theory that there is far more to Elizabeth Banks' Rita Repulsa than currently meets the eye. Given the notable changes that have been made to the character from the original Mighty Morphin' series to the contemporary reboot, many fans have begun to theorize that this depiction of Rita is a fallen Green Ranger -- or she at the very least got her hands on a dead Green Ranger's Power Coin. If she is the former green-clad hero, then making Zordon a former Red Ranger presents a very nice duality to their eternal conflict. Now I'm just left wondering if Tommy Oliver will ever show up.

Elizabthe Banks Rita Repulsa

Of course, it's worth mentioning that nothing has received any confirmation yet. Cranston referred to himself as a Ranger in his autograph, but he just could've been referring to himself as part of the Power Rangers family. After all, his involvement in the series dates all the way back to voiceover work during the initial run of the TV show. We will just have to wait and see how this pans out.

The Power Rangers will morph their way into theaters later this year on March 24.

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