Why Uma Thurman Turned Down The Lord Of The Rings

Uma Thurman training scene in Kill Bill

Maintaining a great acting career is a tricky thing. So often actors up fading away, being type cast into similar roles, or pull a Katherine Heigl and make so many enemies it's hard to book a job. And while attempting to keep their career exciting and fresh, actors and their teams can often pass up on roles which would have actually helped their case. This is exactly the case with Kill Bill actress Uma Thurman, who recently revealed that she turned down a major role in the Lord of the Rings trilogy back in the day.

Uma Thurman recently did an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where the actress revealed that she passed on the role of Eowyn in The Lord of the Rings. And while she had good reason for doing so, Thurman actually thinks its one of the biggest mistakes from her long career. She said told Colbert,

It was a very long time ago, and I do consider it to be one of the worst decisions ever made. But I had just had my first child and, I don't know, I was a little housebound. ... It's really definitely a regret.

Holy wow. It's crazy that, after all these years, new information regarding Peter Jackson's epic trilogy is still being revealed. Alas, it looks like Uma Thurman almost helped with the battle for Middle Earth back in the day.

Uma Thurman was reportedly offered the role of Eowyn, a character which debuted in The Twin Towers. Eowyn is one of the few female characters from the franchise, and is a mixture of badass and ladylike. A niece to King Theoden, Eowyn takes care of her family during all the chaos that ensued. But she's also a fierce swordswoman, and eventually sneaks into the Battle of the Pelennor Fields in order to join the ranks. She comes out with an insane victory for the good guys, killing The Witch King.

Miranda Otto as Eowyn in The Lord of the Rings

It's actually rather surprising that Uma Thurman decided she didn't want to get involved in The Lord of the Rings. To start, the films are based off of one of the most popular series of novels in the history of literature; there was a massive following before the films even hit theaters. Additionally, Eowyn debuted in the second film, meaning that Thurman had the opportunity to see just how successful the first film was. Yet she still passed on the role, and regrets it today.

But while Uma Thurman may regret this decision in retrospect, she was likely doing the responsible thing and focusing on raising her child. Since the films shot in New Zealand, it wasn't like she could just hop into a car and into a Hollywood studio. It was a significantly bigger time commitment, and she would have had to be away from her family for some time.

Plus, it's not like we didn't get to eventually see Uma Thurman kick some ass with a sword. It just happened to be more samurai-based, as she became even more well known for her leading role in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill films.

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