March is here, and as sure as the list of new titles on Netflix has arrived, the roster of outgoing product has landed on our desks as well. And as usual, we have a list of 10 movies that are leaving to make you wish you'd watched them while you could. Be it your first or one last time watching these films, you should probably watch them before March is out, as they'll be slowly disappearing throughout the month of March.


The film that made tourists afraid to go into the water and studio executives afraid to miss out on the next hot best-seller fit for a summer blockbuster, Jaws has given the world a lot of gifts that it still reaps to this very day. Steven Spielberg's career, the modern summer big budget flick and even Kevin Smith were all given shots to the arm, as they all were inspired by the success of the film adapted from Peter Benchley's novel. Trust us, it still holds up after all of this time.

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