Movie fans were shocked today to learn that character actor Bill Paxton had passed away. He was in so many of our favorite movies that we could spend all week listing them out. He had roles in nearly 100 films over the course of a career that only began back in 1975. There's a good chance that he popped up in at least one movie that you love. Probably many more.

Limiting a list to our absolute favorite Bill Paxton performances is a nearly impossible task. However, there are a few performances that do stand out above the rest. Here are the Bill Paxton characters that we loved the most.

Chet Donnelly - Weird Science

There's a very good chance that the first time you remember seeing Bill Paxton on screen was as the obnoxious older brother Chet in Weird Science. He will forever live on due to his line about greasy pork sandwiches served in dirty ashtrays. He's one of the absolute best comic foils in all of John Hughes' films from the 1980s. He is equal parts mean and hilarious. This is likely the role from which all others on this list was born. A look at his career is incomplete without it.

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