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The thing about the Academy Awards, or any such televised event, is that you never really know which moments are going to go viral, and trying to force something usually means that it will die on the vine. (And not on Vine, because that's actually dead.) Case in point: Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel planned an elaborate prank on a busload of Hollywood tourists, leading them into the actual Oscar ceremony for a televised bit. And it worked, albeit in a clunky fashion. But INSIDE of that bit, there were numerous viral moments. Denzel Washington sprung up to "marry" a couple, which was adorable. And Ryan Gosling whispered something to this lady, creating a facial expression that set the Internet on fire.

Ryan Gosling Whispers at the Oscars

Naturally, the first response in this soon-to-be-massive meme was the obvious one:

But after that one, the Ryan Gosling whisper memes started dropping at a furious clip. Famous directors got in on the action, as when Jordan Peele tried this timely Get Out joke:

And some painted Ryan Gosling as a fortune teller, predicting the eventual Best Picture debacle that no one could have seen coming:

But that was only the beginning...

We may never know for certain what Ryan Gosling whispered to that lady at the Oscars. We're sure it was super polite. He's Canadian, after all. But not knowing what he said isn't going to stop us from sharing a few of our favorite memes that cropped up in the wake of the unusual interaction:

Yeah, I think that lady's face would be an accurate depiction if Ryan Gosling actually claimed to save jazz:

Man, Ryan, the Oscars is NOT the time for you to be running your Star Wars: The Last Jedi theories by a total stranger! And, of course, because I'm a die-hard Carolina Panthers fan who HATES the Atlanta Falcons, this is the one I have to believe he really said:

What else could Ryan Gosling have said?

My favorite Ryan Gosling Whispers jokes are the ones that make no sense.

Or the ones that are actually good advice:

And a meta one, which sort of blows our minds.

Did we miss any good ones? Well, hey girl, share them in the comments section below!

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