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We're just over a week away from the return of one of the biggest characters in the history of cinema. As part of the celebration, Warner Bros. is putting together a gallery show that will contain fan artwork, as well as classic marketing materials, from previous King Kong movies. In addition, a few original pieces have been commissioned specifically for Kong: Skull Island, and we have your exclusive look at one of them.

Kong: Skull Island - Awaken the King

The showcase of King Kong art, entitled Tribe of Kong, is being held at the Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. The gallery focuses on pop culture-inspired work as they display not simply paintings and prints, but toys as well. An entire show dedicated to a giant ape is the perfect subject matter.

This Kong: Skull Island artwork, entitled "Awaken the King" was created by poster artist Berkay Daglar, whose work has covered numerous pop culture topics including comic book movies, James Bond and Ghostbusters. This particular poster has King Kong front and center, but also shows off the pterodactyl creatures and the helicopters that we have seen clash in the trailers to Kong: Skull Island.

The Poster Posse, a collective of poster artists, have been commissioned to produce seven original posters from different artists around the world. In addition, the Bottleneck Gallery has also commissioned three pieces of original artwork for the show.

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King Kong is one of the most popular, and longest-running, characters in cinema. First appearing in 1933, he has been a near constant part of popular culture in movies, on television and in all other forms of art as well.

Kong: Skull Island is only the most recent film to focus on the massive character. Unlike the traditional version of the King Kong story, which focuses on the discovery of the creature and his transportation to the civilized world, Kong: Skull Island will take place nearly entirely on the island lost to time, where Kong, and several other amazing creatures, live. Tom Hiddleston leads the cast which also includes John Goodman and Brie Larson.

There is one other, slightly sly piece of information in this poster that's worth taking note of. It mentions that Kong: Skull Island is from the same producers as Godzilla. Not only is this detail true, it's also important. While we don't know exactly how this will go down, we do know that the current plan is to take the recently rebooted Godzilla franchise and combine it with this version of King Kong for a knockdown, drag-out fight in 2020.

We're certainly looking forward to seeing the return of King Kong next week. If you're in the Brooklyn area, get ready for his big return by checking out the Tribe of Kong art show.

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