Warning: Spoilers for Logan are in play, bub. You know the drill: bookmark this page, turn around, and get yourself to the next screening possible, unless you want to be spoiled.

What can you say about Logan that hasn't already been said? Well, quite a bit actually, as this R-rated powerhouse swept the box-office clean this weekend, and left a fair amount of questions and mysteries in its wake. One of the biggest mysteries to be raised by the film is what's been dubbed as "The Westchester Incident," an event that had a lasting impact on both Wolverine and Professor Charles Xavier.

The event is never shown in the film, but using the details given throughout Logan's various mentions of key details, we think we have a good idea as to what really happened. While we may never fully know what transpired on that fateful day, the ultimate takeaway is that it was an event so tragic and traumatic that it lead to Professor X being labelled as a weapon of mass destruction, and only Logan being able to take care of him.

Presented without further interruption, here's our take on what happened in Westchester and the effects it had on the world of Logan.

The Incident

One day in the past events of the Logan tangent universe, Professor Charles Xavier had an incident. An episode that caused his mutant powers to become unstable, which in turn releases a huge, sustained wave of psionic energy. This energy, as we see in Logan, suspends everyone and everything in an immediate radius of the Professor, causing the inability to move or even breathe, as well as what looks like an intense headache. According to news reports after Professor Xavier's episode in Oklahoma City, the Westchester Incident left 600 people injured, meaning that this event was probably a wide spanning occurrence. This is not only the first moment that Professor X finds out he has a degenerative brain disorder, but it's also a watershed moment for the future of the X-Men in Logan's tangent timeline.

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