The X-Men franchise hit a major milestone this month with Logan. Not only has the third Wolverine movie made one hell of a splash in theaters both critically and commercially, but it also marked the 10th entry in this series. Since the cinematic X-Men adventures launched in 2000, the franchise has had its ups and downs, but to make it this far after nearly two decades is an incredible accomplishment. That also means now is a great time to look at how Logan ranks compared to its predecessors.

Whether you've already seen Logan and want to catch up on the past, or you're eager to take a trip down Nostalgia Lane before watching it on the big screen, here's our ranking of all the X-Men movies up to this latest installment, from worst to best. Let's kick off with the one that most of you likely look at with contempt and sadness.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine promised to tell the epic tale of how Wolverine's skeleton was bonded with adamantium and how he lost his memories. Well, at least we got the origin part. With the exception of Hugh Jackman delivering a satisfiable Wolverine performance, Liev Schrieber's improved Sabretooth and the amazing opening credits, nothing about this movie screamed excellence. Origins felt like a weird offshoot of a regular X-Men movie than a true Wolverine story. In some ways it actually made Wolverine seem less interesting. It's for the best this movie was wiped from continuity after X-Men: Days of Future Past.

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