Why Etta Candy Is Important To The Wonder Woman Movie, According To The Producer

Etta Candy next to Diana and Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman

When Wonder Woman is finally released in theaters this summer, not only will this be the first time moviegoers see Diana of Themyscira lead her own cinematic adventure, this will also be the first time nearly all of her supporting cast members from the comics appear on the big screen. One of those characters is Etta Candy (Lucy Davis), who made her comic book debut shortly after Wonder Woman herself in 1942's Sensation Comics #2. From what's been shown in the trailers so far, Etta will certainly be a source of humor in the new DC movie, but producer Charles Roven urges fans not to undervalue her importance to the plot overall.

While speaking to Comicbook.com during a set visit, Charles Roven discussed some of the Wonder Woman side characters, including Etta Candy, who will show a different kind of strength in the movie compared to Diana's. He explained.

I think Etta Candy, too, great character from the lore, there's been lots of different incarnations of her as well. But she does serve a really important role in this movie, being the woman in man's world, who Dianna meets and interacts with, and is also a very strong capable woman in a different way than Diana is.

Charles Roven then mentioned how Wonder Woman will mark the first time that Etta Candy is "recognized," detailing one scene (some of which was shown in the San Diego Comic-Con trailer) where Etta explains what she does for Steve Trevor gets "very little reward," to which Diana responds that where she comes from, that's called "slavery." Despite Etta's lack of recognition due to the times she lives in, Roven made it clear that while Etta won't be on the battlefield with Steve and Diana, she is working through "back channels" to make sure everything happens properly, thus making her integral to their journey. Curt Kanemoto, the vice president of production at Atlas Entertainment, then added:

She's like the nuts and bolts behind everything.

Like her New 52 counterpart at the start of the comics relaunch, Wonder Woman's Etta Candy will serve as Steve Trevor's secretary, only since the movie takes place during World War I, neither of them will be ARGUS agents. When Steve brings Diana back to London, Etta will also be the Amazon's female guide in early 20th century society, from taking her out dress shopping to pointing out how carrying a sword is not a good look with her European threads. When she's not showing Diana the ropes of "man's world," though, we can look forward to seeing Etta help Diana, Steve and their allies fulfill their missions in this devastating conflict.

Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2.

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