Wonder Woman's First Trailer Is Badass and Action-Packed, Watch It Now

It's a good weekend to be a comic book fan. San Diego Comic-Con is in full effect, and major film franchises have been giving us great tastes of upcoming entries. This is exactly the case for the DC Extended Universe, which just released the first trailer for Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot. Check out the Amazonian goodness below.

The trailer kicks off with Chris Pine's Steve Trevor washing up on the shores of Themyscira, Wonder Woman's mythical island home. Diana has gone her whole life without seeing a man, thus explaining her amazed reaction. From there, we can guess that Steve tells her about World War I raging in the outside world, as Diana then gets her mother's blessing to leave Themyscira with Steve and join the fight. While nothing particularly juicy pertaining to the plot is revealed, there are a lot of cool moments sprinkled throughout, like Diana explaining to Steve how she was brought to life (we have Zeus to thanks), a battle between WWI soldiers and the Amazons, Wonder Woman running across a trench-filled battlefield deflecting projectiles and just her kicking ass in general. We also meet Etta Candy at the end, Steve's secretary and Diana's new best friend. Unfortunately, we didn't learn who the main antagonist will be, though Danny Huston's character looks particularly intimidating. Could he be Ares?

Period piece superhero movies are a rarity. The most recent one that comes to mind is Captain America: The First Avenger, which took place during World War II. So setting Wonder Woman 100 years in the past already makes it look visually distinctive from the rest of the bunch. Beyond that, this trailer does a great job of distinguishing what Diana was like a century before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. We've already seen what she was like distant and dissatisfied with mankind earlier this year, but this movie will show her exploring life outside of her island and learn what humanity is like. Unfortunately, this particular conflict is an ugly place for her to start.

Most people will agree that Wonder Woman was one of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's highlights, and after decades of appearances in comic books, television and video games, it's good to finally see her getting movie attention. One thing particularly interesting about Wonder Woman in the preview is how bright she appears compared to the grey, European World War I setting, from her costume's more vibrant colors to her glowing lasso. Wonder Woman is still about a year away from release, but so far, it definitely looks like it will be a unique entry in the superhero movie genre.

Wonder Woman heads to theaters on June 2, 2017. Let us know what you thought of this trailer in the comments below.

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