Beauty and the Beast is one of Disney's most beloved animated films, which is a large part of why it's seeing a live-action remake. However, as much as people love the original and Oscar-winning animated version, there's a lot people don't know about what went into making it. Animated films often have much longer periods of pre-production than live-action films, meaning that the film that gets produced is often very different than the initial concepts. Beauty and the Beast was no exception to this rule.

As we get ready to see Emma Watson and company bring the animated film to life on the big screen, let's take a look at some of the more interesting things about the original film that's being adapted. How many of these did you know?

They Borrowed Some Animation From Sleeping Beauty

The dance scene that everybody thinks about in Beauty and the Beast is the big scene with Angela Lansbury singing the title tune. However, the two dance again at the end of the movie after the curse has been broken. Maybe the animation team was in a hurry, or maybe it was an intentional easter egg, but the dance sequence that happens then is taken directly from the dance between Aurora and Prince Philip at the end of Sleeping Beauty.

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