Why Frozen 2 Doesn’t Need To Rush To Movie Theaters, According To Kristen Bell


Frozen took the world by (winter) storm in late 2013, and its popularity hasn't died down since then. So it was hardly surprising when Disney eventually announced that Frozen 2 was in the works. However, unlike the typical path towards putting out a sequel, Frozen 2 wasn't made immediately to meet that 2-3 year gap period between franchise installments, but Kristen Bell, a.k.a. the voice of Anna, believes this is a good decision, as it means the creative minds have more freedom to create the best story possible.

Bell recently acknowledged to IGN that work of Frozen 2 hasn't started yet, with her Frozen-related contributions mainly revolving the Disney theme parks and ice shows lately. However, she believes the sequel doesn't need to be rushed, as folks will still be eager to see the sequel years from now. She said:

They are not rushing the script. They have the luxury to not rush because everyone is going to be excited whether it comes out tomorrow or in five years. They're making it as perfect as they need it to be and we're on call to start recording whenever.

To say that Frozen has been successful would be an understatement. Along with heaps of critical praise, it pulled in over $1.2 billion worldwide, making it the highest-grossing animated movie of all time. With a performance like that, the urge to release Frozen 2 as soon as possible would have understandably been irresistible, but Disney opted not to go down that path. In fact, there was reportedly a lot of debate among the study bigwigs whether they should make Frozen 2, and the sequel wasn't officially announced until March 2015. So even though we don't know yet when Frozen 2 will kick off production, at least Frozen fans can take comfort knowing they're working hard to draft a worthy follow-up, and that Kristen Bell and the other actors are ready to go whenever things kick off.

No plot details for Frozen 2 have been release yet, but along with Kristen Bell reprising Anna, Idina Menzel and Josh Gad will reprise Elsa and Olaf, respectively. Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee will also be back to direct together the sequel. Fortunately, it's not like fans will lack for Frozen material in the meantime. Along with re-watching the main movie, there is also the Frozen Fever short that was attached to Cinderella last year, a TV special coming in 2017 and a stage musical on the way. Live action versions of Elsa, Anna and Kristof also appeared in a Frozen-centric story arc during the first half of Once Upon a Time Season 4 in 2014. All these, along with the characters being present at the Disney parks, means that the Frozen craze won't be dissipating anytime soon.

We'll keep you apprised on all relevant details surrounding Frozen 2's development, including its release date, as more information comes in.

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