Why Wonder Woman Fans Are Arguing About Gal Gadot's Armpits

It's 2017 and we'll getting a full, modern and big budget feature based around a female superhero. So what's a big thing everyone seems to be wanting to talk about prior to the release of Wonder Woman? Her armpits, naturally. Following the release of the latest Wonder Woman trailer, some enterprising individuals and outlets picked up on the fact that Wonder Woman's armpit hair is nonexistent, which some feel doesn't seem super accurate, considering she lived on an island and away from society for most of her life. The notion that Wonder Woman would not have armpit hair has now been questioned and dissected by society at large, with people on both sides of the argument.

Gal Gadot no armpit hair

The opinions on the matter vary, and a lot of individuals have a lot of different feelings on the matter. Even without approaching the hair from a feminist perspective, some people feel like it would just make more sense if Wonder Woman had the hair:

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Another Twitter user commented that this is just another way we've been asked to suspend our disbelief when going to the movies, connecting Wonder Woman's hairlessness with Captain America's, which has come up once or twice in the past.

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Still others are pro shaving, noting she may simply not have wanted to grow out or keep her armpit hair for her big screen outing. Or at least noting they feel it should be the actress' choice.

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There were people out there with practical concerns, noting that Wonder Woman's relatively tight costume means that her armpit hair is at her enemy's mercy. There's probably no lady out there who who would really enjoy getting her armpit hair ripped out. Still, there are plenty of people who feel a lack of armpit hair just means women are conforming to a male standard of beauty. There are also people who are outraged that people are outraged over armpit hair. You can find pretty much any opinion under the sun, but at least Gal Gadot has something in common with famous Wonder Woman Lynda Carter. Solidarity.

Lynda Carter no armpit hair as Wonder Woman

If you'd like to catch the fearless superhero with hairless armpits in all her glory, please check out a trailer for Wonder Woman, or just catch the film when it hits theaters on June 2. In addition, you can read more about Diana's powers or take a look at our new movies releases with our full schedule. In the meantime, what do you think of Gal Gadot's lack of armpit hair?

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