Power Rangers Just Dropped A Major Hint About The Franchise's Future

Warning: there are major SPOILERS for Power Rangers ahead! If you don't know want to know where the sequel is heading, wait until you've seen the movie, then meet back with us here.

The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers were pop culture powerhouses in the 1990s, and over two decades later, reimagined versions of those specific teenagers with attitude are aiming to make a splash of its own on the big screen. Saban and Lionsgate already have big plans for a franchise, and the first Power Rangers movie certainly leaves one hell of a tease for the sequel. Now the Power Rangers social media accounts have jumped the gun and dropped a big hint of what's coming, and it involves the color green.

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Look, if you watched Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, you likely already assumed that the Power Rangers movie sequel would introduce the Green Ranger. It's the logical next step forward for the franchise. That being said, I'm flabbergasted that the marketing team decided to post this before the movie even started Thursday screenings on the East Coast. If this had been posted next week or even on Friday afternoon/evening, it still would have been spoiler-y, but at least the timing would have been a little better.

As some people have noted in the comments on that Twitter post (many of whom are angry about the early reveal), the helmet looks like it belongs to a female Ranger. In case you haven't been keeping up with the official Power Rangers news drops, it's already been revealed that Elizabeth Banks' Rita Repulsa was a Green Ranger before she turned to the dark side. Many fans suspected this was the case upon analyzing her gold staff, which looked like it contained the Green Power Coin. Thanks to this video, we can presumably expect to see Rita in her full Ranger uniform sometime during the movie in a flashback or prologue.

Old School Green Ranger

While Rita is the first Green Ranger in the Power Rangers cinematic world, if the movie is staying faithful to its TV predecessor, then it stands to reason that in the next movie, we'll be introduced to Tommy Oliver, the original Green Ranger. In Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Rita gave Tommy the Green Ranger powers and brainwashed him into serving her until the five main Rangers broke the witch's control over him. From there, Tommy joined as the sixth member of the superhero team, and as time wore on and his Ranger powers changed, he eventually became the most popular and famous Ranger of all. So yeah, expect him to become a major player at this new series of movies progresses.

You can catch Power Rangers in theaters across the U.S. starting tonight, and click here to read our review of the movie.

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