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Power Rangers suited up

Fan service doesn't get much more awesome than the stuff we see in Dean Israelite's Power Rangers. The reboot of the classic 1990s show understands where it comes from, and it's jam-packed with winks, nods, and references to everything audiences loved about the series as kids. That said, there's one part fo the film that's particularly heavy on references: the kids' bedrooms. Power Rangers screenwriter John Gatins said:

I think when [Trini] comes in her room, there's like... you have to be able, when you have the movie on DVD you'll be able to stop and look at the dressing and the set dressing in the rooms of the kids. You can see things, which I always really appreciate... You've gotta kinda look, because we had great designers and everyone was very aware of trying to put certain things and evidence. So there's just things that, like, you'll smile more and more.

John Gatins didn't go into specific details during our conversation about the references in Power Rangers, but he made it abundantly clear that you should keep your eyes peeled. We get to see the home life of every single Ranger during the events of the reboot, and the way each of these locations is designed apparently honors the Power Rangers lore. One of the most important sequences in the film involving Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) takes place in Trini's (Becky G) bedroom, and with so much going on we honestly missed it the first time around.

Power Rangers Red Ranger Power Coin

The set dressing in the kids' bedrooms isn't the only Easter egg that can be found in Power Rangers. Aside from the way these locations have been designed, the film is also full of smart references to the source material, as well as two absolutely fantastic cameos by Amy Jo Johnson (the original Pink Ranger) as well as Jason David Frank (the original Green Ranger). Some of these references ultimately land better than others (the placement of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme song seems a bit off), but that doesn't change the fact that Dean Israelite's new movie is a complete and utter love letter to a bygone era of superhero television. If you grew up with Power Rangers, then this film is pretty much tailor made for you.

Power Rangers is currently in theaters. Make sure to check it out and lets us know if you catch any of those awesome Easter eggs! For more information related to the rest of this year's most highly anticipated theatrical debuts, take a look at our comprehensive movie premiere guide and fill out your moviegoing calendars accordingly!

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