First Official Image Of Jason David Frank As Bloodshot Is Badass And Bloody

Valiant Comics has been working hard to jumpstart a cinematic universe based on their own original characters for a few years now, and while that progress has recently picked up steam, they'll be testing the waters a bit with a digital web series. Jason David Frank, best known as the Green Power Ranger from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, has been teasing a secret project with Valiant, and has just revealed that he will be playing Bloodshot in the new digital series. Check out the first official image of him below.

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This image comes from the Instagram account of Jason David Frank, who revealed that he would be playing the fan-favorite character in the upcoming Valiant Comics-based web series. The official image is a special variant edition cover of Bloodshot #14 written by Jeff Lemire and will be a free autographed collectible item at New York Comic Con. Those who visit Valiant's booth on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will also be treated to a new Bloodshot item each day.

The Valiant Comics web series is a collaboration between the comic book company and Bat in the Sun, a production company best known for it's Super Power Beat Down web series. The top secret Valiant project is said to run for six to eight episodes and will feature Ninjak going head to head against the who's who of the Valiant Universe. One of those characters is Jason David Frank's Bloodshot, seen in the above image resting against a wall with Ninjak's sword in his hand. Not too much else is known at this point, but there are sure to be some big announcements regarding the project at New York Comic Con.

Seeing as how Valiant characters aren't very well known outside of the comic book community, here's a little backstory on Bloodshot. He was a skilled soldier on death's door when his life was saved after he was injected with nanites - millions of tiny robots that repaired his body and gave him a powerful healing factor, as well as the ability to interface with machinery. However, the process messed up his memories so he doesn't remember much about his past life. He goes on top secret missions for various organizations while trying to piece together his memories.

It was recently announced that a Bloodshot movie was expected to release sometime in the next few years as part of Valiant's cinematic universe, so this web series should serve as a primer for those who want to know more about the character. Jason David Frank has kept his Green Ranger skills intact through MMA fighting, so he'll definitely be able to handle the physicality of the role. More will almost certainly be revealed at New York Comic Con, so stay with CinemaBlend for more updates as they become available.

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