The Famous Quote People Scream At Arnold Schwarzenegger The Most

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dutch Predator

There's little doubt that Arnold Schwarzenegger has become the most quotable movie star in history. Ever since he first uttered his iconic "I'll be back" line in James Cameron's The Terminator, his career has become defined by catchphrases and badass quips. Although there are a wealth of options to choose, Schwarzenegger recently admitted that his "get to the choppah" line from Predator is currently the definitive Schwarzenegger quote among fans. The muscle-bound action legend explained:

It's very odd how it moves around. Because, for instance, there was a time when everyone said 'I'll be back.' And that became the most used line. But lately I would say that 'Get to the choppah!' is actually being even more often used. It doesn't matter where you turn, that line seems to have really caught on. There's a whole new life with that no matter where you go... But that doesn't mean it's the best. It changes all the time.

So for now, it appears that Dutch's terrified "get to the choppah" scream from Predator is the fan-favorite among die-hard Schwarzenegger aficionados, but (by his own admission) that could potentially change in the future. If you're a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger's lengthy filmography, then his recent comments to Screen Crush should ring true to you. Almost every single one of his films features at least one instantly memorable quote -- often bolstered by a pun. There are the obvious choices like "I'll be back" from The Terminator, or "hasta la vista, baby" from its sequel. That said, there are also the more obscure (and equally excellent) ones like "let off some steam" from Commando, or even "you're fired" from True Lies. While other action icons like Sylvester Stallone or Bruce Willis have become characterized by one or two lines, Schwarzenegger has an entire library to pull from and enjoy.

You didn't think we would bring up Predator without actually showing that classic scene, did you? Check it out below and prepare to be blown away by Schwarzenegger's glorious machismo.

So what it is about Arnold Schwarzenegger that makes him so uniquely suited for these fantastic quips? Why does he get so many one-liners while other actors are left to silently brood? According to Schwarzenegger, it all has to do with his accent. The bodybuilding champion continued:

People always ask me 'Why are your lines more memorable than some other actors' lines?' The same line could have been said by some other actor, and no one would remember it. It's just because I pronounce everything wrong!

What's even more impressive about Arnold Schwarzenegger's more recent film endeavors is the way in which has started to eschew his campier B-movie roots for legitimate drama. As he has aged, he has delved further and further into the realm of hard-hitting, self-serious performances, and the transition has been relatively seamless. Schwarzenegger's work on the intimate 2015 zombie film, Maggie, was shockingly affecting, and his work on his upcoming movie, Aftermath, looks like it's poised to continue that trend. He doesn't need a campy quote to succeed as an actor; that's just the icing on the cake.

You can catch Arnold Schwarzenegger in his newest project when Aftermath opens in theaters tomorrow, and you can check out more information concerning the rest of this year's non-Schwarzenegger releases!

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