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It's not uncommon for movies to go through changes during production which lead to scenes used in the trailers being edited out of the final product. However, the thing that will set Wonder Woman apart from its trailer is something else entirely. Apparently, the theme song that was used for the character in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice won't be in the new Wonder Woman solo film, even though it's been in all the trailers. Director Patty Jenkins says that the theme belongs to a more adult and mature character, so it simply didn't fit in her origin story. According to Jenkins...

The song is slightly more complicated, because that is the song of a very adult and evolved character. I love that track, but we had to embrace it as a different thing. The story is of who Diana grows into being; you can't just come out of the gate with a song like that for a ten year old.

Pretty much every trailer for Wonder Woman so far has ended the same way. As it cuts to the film's title we're treated to the same music that we heard when Wonder Woman first appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Based on what Patty Jenkins says to Empire, it would appear that we shouldn't expect to hear it much, if at all, in the new movie. Clearly, a ten-year-old Diana doesn't need that sort of music, she's not that kind of badass yet, but the idea that the music is a "different thing" than the new movie as a whole would seem to imply that even by the end of the movie Wonder Woman might not be the sort of character that has that music yet.

While Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was a divisive movie, most people loved Wonder Woman in the film and part of the reason for that was the way the character was introduced in the battle against Doomsday. Much of the scene's energy came from rocked out guitar riff that made up the character's music. It just screamed "power" in a way that honestly, neither Batman nor Superman really had. The music was epic. Check it out in the clip below.

Rupert Gregson-Williams is the man credited with the music for Wonder Woman so we'll have to wait and see how creates the score that will surround this younger version of the character. It's possible that we'll still hear elements of Wonder Woman's Dawn of Justice theme in the new movie, as the character will be on her way to becoming the powerful warrior that we saw in that film, she's just not there yet.

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