Aquaman won't have long to catch his breath after fighting alongside Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Cyborg in Justice League later this year. Next year, the water-based superhero will finally lead his own movie, and we already know about three individuals who will be giving him trouble in the story: Patrick Wilson's Ocean Master, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II's Black Manta and Dolph Lundgren's King Nereus. And these are just the ones we know about right now! Who knows, maybe sometime in the next year and a half or even during the movie itself, we'll discover one or more other nefarious figures.

Nevertheless, with Aquaman beginning production soon, we've gathered together the important facts you need to know about each of these announced foes so you'll now what to expect from their live action iterations come December 2018. Let's kick off with the movie's "sibling rivalry."

Ocean Master

He's almost certainly going to be the main antagonist. After all, you don't hire a guy like Patrick Wilson and reduce him to be a secondary or tertiary villain. More importantly, Aquaman has the most personal relationship with Ocean Master compared to his other adversaries due to their familial connection, i.e. a brotherly feud comparable to the dynamic Thor and Loki have in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If Aquaman gets a sequel, hopefully Ocean Master isn't killed off in the first movie so we can see his relationship with Aquaman fleshed out, even if he doesn't retain main villain status.

Ocean Master's real identity is simply Orm. Following in the New 52's footsteps, the DCEU's Orm will share the same mother as Arthur Curry, Queen Atlanna, making him fully Atlantean. While we still don't know exactly what Aquaman's origins are in this cinematic universe, Temuera Morrison being cast as Thomas Curry suggests that like his comic book counterpart, Arthur Curry grew up with his human father on the surface. That, along with Momoa calling Patrick Wilson "King Orm" in an Instagram post, indicates that when we meet Orm in Aquaman, he'll already be ruling Atlantis. So rather than follow the traditional route of Orm trying to usurp the throne from Aquaman, our eponymous hero may be forced to overthrow his tyrannical half-brother, similar to what happened in the Throne of Atlantis arc.

Like his New 52 counterpart, Ocean Master has all the powers of an Atlantean, namely being able to breathe underwater and boasting enhanced strength. Along with these natural abilities, Orm wields a trident that can shoot magical lighting, as well as wears a helmet that allows him to manipulate water just like the Xebellians can (more on them later). Fortunately, Aquaman has his own special trident, so when they inevitably battle each other, it won't be an uneven match. As for weaknesses, Orm can't stay away from water for too long. He may be able to get away with being on the surface for days, but if he doesn't make contact with water, he'll start to lose his powers.

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