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Independence Day: Resurgence Jeff Goldblum

You never know where you'll find Jeff Goldblum at any given point in time. One day you might see him at a wedding, the next he'll be chatting up Christopher Walken at a stoplight. Or, if you're one of the good citizens of Sydney, Australia, there's a good chance that you spotted the Thor: Ragnarok star handing out sausages at his own food truck. But just why was Goldblum serving quality meat-laden subs to anyone who wandered by? Apparently, it's tied into a top secret role he's taken on. He gave the following excuse for what he's up to:

I was doing the Thor movie on the Gold Coast some time ago but now I'm doing a project that I have to be secretive about but there is some thematic tie-in to this.

Caught in the act by The Daily Telegraph, Jeff Goldblum discussed the pop-up success of his food truck, "Chef Goldblum's Jazzy Snags." With his role in Thor: Ragnarok wrapped and a role in Jurassic World 2 just recently announced, there's a chance that the latter role could be the one that Goldblum is being secretive of. The timing of the official announcement and this viral stunt that the Independence Day: Resurgence star has deployed is close enough that the actor may not have heard about the official announcement when pressed for comment. If this is the case, then there's a chance that director J.A. Boyona's sequel to Jurassic World might see Dr. Ian Malcolm being crowned as the sausage king of the world, only to be roped back into some dinosaur flavored intrigue.

But let's say that this isn't the case. What project could possibly inspire Jeff Goldblum to open a sausage truck, in Australia of all places? If it wasn't for the location, we would have assumed that this was some sort of callback to a running gag that Goldblum took part in on Tim & Eric: Awesome Show, Great Job. But unless they're filming new episodes again, and doing so on foreign soil, that doesn't seem very likely. So really, our guess is as good as your as to why Goldblum has decided to go into the sausage trade, a photo of the actor doing just that does seem to show him smiling pretty hard about it.

While we wait for some more details on this top secret project that's managed to land Jeff Goldblum as one of its cast members, we do know where you can find him next. Thor: Ragnarok strikes a blow for entertainment in theaters on November 3, while Jurassic World 2 will storm into the picture on June 22, 2018.

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