As I write this, I am waiting.

At some point very shortly, a series of events will begin, and at the end of those events, I will become a father. It's a bizarre place where I find myself, and I'm still having some trouble coming to terms with the reality of it all. Having said that, I'm also looking forward to all of the wonderful things that come with fatherhood. Most notably, sharing the things that I love with my child. I can only hope that my kid likes movies as much as I do. What the hell are we going to talk about otherwise?

Chief among the cinematic experiences I look forward to sharing with the tiny human are the Star Wars films. Considering that today is May the fourth, if I have a kid that's actually born today, then Star Wars is likely to be a major part of his or her life whether they like it or not. By the time the child is old enough, there will be a minimum of three full trilogies and who even knows how many spinoffs or other materials. Decisions will have to be made about when the right time to watch these films will be or what the best order is going to be. However, what's truly important about Star Wars isn't the sequence of the plot, it's the lessons that the story can impart. The saga's ideas are what's valuable. Here are all the things I hope my kid, and all others, learn from Star Wars.

Your Actions Are What Define You

The Force is this nebulous concept that works best when it's explained least. What it is or where it came from are irrelevant questions. What's important is that The Force is not inherently good or evil. It simply is. It's the decisions that people make about how to use it that define light vs. dark. In the same way that in reality people will judge you by your actions far more than your intentions. Everything you do has consequences, and it's entirely your choice to be a force for good... or not.

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