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Meeting a celebrity can be tough, especially if it's someone you've been attached to for several decades. Case in point: Amy Schumer's dad, Gordon, just happens to have a crush on Goldie Hawn, and thanks to their working together on this summer's Snatched, she was able to arrange a meeting between the two. The emotional results are something you can see for yourself below, and you may want to have some tissues ready, just in case.


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With her connections to Goldie Hawn firmly secured, setting a meeting between Hawn and Amy Schumer's dad must have been insanely easy, and the payoff is the beautiful reaction that Gordon Schumer had when coming face to face with the legend that wowed the world in such films as The Sugarland Express, Overboard, Private Benjamin and Death Becomes Her. It's even sweeter when you consider the fact that Schumer's daughter brought her father's big time crush to see him at the assisted living facility that he's a resident of, due to his battle with multiple sclerosis.

This occurrence is just another story that heralds the comeback of Goldie Hawn, which was partially in thanks to Amy Schumer fighting the powers that be to allow her to be cast in Snatched. So obviously, after the two co-stars doing each other a solid, it seems like both Hawn and Schumer will be natural friends in the future. Such a scenario would make us hope that this is a signal that we'll be seeing more of Goldie Hawn on our screens in the future, which should also be a good sign for Gordon Schumer, as he'll more than likely be watching whatever she may produce in the coming years.

The best part about Gordon and Goldie's meeting is that it's an adorable event that counters your typical image of Amy Schumer. With her typically frank nature pertaining to sex and life in general, the other side of the equation undoubtedly gets lost in the public eye. While Snatched is being positioned for a Mother's Day release date, this dream come true is a beautiful example of Father's Day come early. If you're interested, you can see more of Gordon Schumer's reaction, both pre and post meeting Goldie Hawn, in the video that Amy Schumer also provided on her Instagram feed.

My dad meeting the love of his life @officialgoldiehawn

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Snatched opens in theaters on May 12th, just in time for a Mother's Day out at the movies!

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