Like a small creature mercilessly bursting out of a chest, the Xenomorph has risen to become one of the most iconic movie monsters out there. The Xenomorph has been terrifying/enrapturing movie fans since Ridley Scott's 1979 classic, killing a host of characters in a wide variety of ways. With each new entry in the Alien series, the creature comes back in a shiny new form, never quite the same as when it was last seen. The monster has seen various tweaks and changes to its appearance, from the small to the extreme (for better or worse), to the point where it's easy to get lost in the franchise's surprisingly deep mythology and designs.

The release of Alien: Covenant will be making an attempt to further elaborate on the origins of the Xenomorph, as movie-goers will be treated to the earlier stages of the Xenomorph's evolution. In the wake of the film's release, we've decided to make it a little easier to catch up on the various creatures and monsters that have appeared in the series thus far. Here's every creature in the franchise, from A to Z (nomorph).


You've got to start somewhere and for a Xenomorph, that place is inside an egg. Even the deadliest creature in the galaxy has small beginnings. Every egg holds one xenomorph and the eggs are rarely seen outside of a massive nest. The eggs first appeared in Alien, discovered by some unwitting humans on an abandoned ship on LV-426. The eggs open when a viable host is present and anyone dumb enough to stick their face in front of an open alien egg is bound to get a terrible surprise.


If you're unlucky enough to watch an egg open, then you better be on guard for a Facehugger! These squid-like suckers, well, hug your face... to death! Facehuggers clamp down over the hosts mouth and wraps its tail around the throat, completely overpowering its victim. The Facehugger is just a temporary stage in the life cycle and is responsible for injecting the host with what will eventually grow into a Xenomorph. Once the Facehugger has done its job, it will quickly die. If the host manages to survive the process, they will be overwhelmed with hunger and the worst is still yet to come.


And now we arrive at the first true sign of a Xenomorph: the Chestburster. These little guys are the results of the Facehugger implanting them into the host. Said host will eventually be in for an extremely horrible surprise as the little monster begins crawling around in their insides. The little demon is looking for a way out, but the mouth and butthole are a little too far away and it instead forces its way straight through the chest. It's extremely bloody, but things definitely don't get any cleaner when the Chestburster gets older...

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