How Will They Explain The Symbiote?

So, without getting TOO geeky here, the alien symbiote that bonds to Eddie Brock's flesh to help him create Venom originally bonded to Peter Parker's flesh after he fought in the Secret Wars... which took place in outer space. Naturally, the Spider-Man movies haven't tiptoed off of Terra Firma yet, so Peter Parker will not have interacted with the alien tech that gave him the symbiote -- meaning Eddie Brock, in this Venom movie, will have to come up with some new way to acquire the Venom suit.

Origins change in movies all of the time. For example, Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock doesn't have to be a journalist, and doesn't need to have a feud with Peter Parker, to make this Venom movie work. But the costume really needs to be a living, breathing symbiote that glides off of Brock's body and has its own personality for this to BE Venom. I can't wait to find out how they explain the costume's origins.

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