Warning: Massive spoilers for Get Out are an important part of this discussion. If you're not interested in spoiling the film for yourself, please come back after you've seen the film.

Jordan Peele's Get Out is one hell of a ride, and if you haven't seen the film, you definitely should. A slick, psychological horror film that puts pressure on still open wounds on the American consciousness, it probes and questions the subject of racism in a post-Obama era. On top of that, it does so with precision scares that don't overstay their welcome, and make for a truly chilling experience. And yet, for as brilliant as the film is, when the prospect of an alternate ending came up, we had to wonder, could it possibly top the existing ending in the film

Well, in our minds, no. It's an ending that still works, and you can see for yourself with the Digital HD version of the film on sale now. But Get Out is pretty much better for changing their ending, if only to make for a more entertaining film altogether. Nevertheless, we here at CinemaBlend like to talk things out, and show our work. With that in mind, please enjoy our deep dive into the sunken place of Get Out's climactic third act closures.

The Original Ending

After setting the Armitage house on fire and being pursued by Rose, Chris tries to flee by car, thus triggering the finish for Get Out's tense third act. Unfortunately for him, Grandma and Grandpa Armitage's avatars are on his trail, and the car is wrecked in the process. Grandma dies in the crash, while Rose eventually catches up to Chris's car, shotgun still in hand. Grandpa Walter runs in for the assist, but after Chris flashes him with his phone camera's flash, he temporarily disassociates with his body, leaving the original occupant back in control of his body for the time being.

Using this moment as a ruse, he takes Rose's shotgun from her, and shoots her instead of shooting Chris, then turns the gun on himself and commits suicide. With her bleeding body on the ground, Chris sets to strangling Rose, before a cop car pulls up on the scene. It turns out that Rod, Chris's TSA agent friend who put the pieces together and came to rescue Chris, providing a funny and relieving end to a tense horror film. However, that's not the only ending that Jordan Peele had in mind.

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