When You’ll Be Able To Catch Get Out’s Crazy Alternate Ending

Get Out

Warning: spoilers ahead for Jordan Peele's Get Out! Don't read any further if you have not seen the comedian's new horror film!

This year has already seen a ton of fantastic movies debut in theaters, with many more on the way within the next few months. However, one of the most surprising films of 2017 so far was Jordan Peele's Get Out -- a socially conscious, satirical horror film about the black experience and systemic racism. The film ultimately ends on a relatively happy note (which sees Daniel Kaluuya's Chris escape from the Armitage estate), but horror fans will be able to see the film's considerably darker alternate ending when the Blu-ray finally hits shelves.

First, let's get some context for this situation. Although the ending of Get Out is damn near perfect, the darker alternate conclusion has its merit. Specifically, the film ends the same -- with Chris choking Rose (Allison Williams) after killing the rest of her family. However, instead of Lil Rel Howrey's Rod showing up to rescue Chris at the last moment in a police car, an actual group of cops show up, see Chris covered in blood attacking the last surviving Armitage, and gun him down. This ending will be made available for audiences when the Get Out Blu-ray (opens in new tab) debuts next month on May 23.

There's a case to be made for both of these endings, and it is hard to genuinely pick out which one is the better finale. Jordan Peele has already admitted that he went with the happier ending because he wanted the film to be more hopeful in its final moments. However, it could also easily be argued that the darker conclusion hammers home the film's overarching themes considerably harder than the theatrical version. To have Chris escape from the Armitage household, only to have him killed by an a hot button threat to a black man's life in modern America, would've represented a gut punch to end the film on.

At the end of the day, it is your right to choose whichever finale scene you want as the canon ending of the film. Horror is a genre that lends itself to alternate, unexpected climaxes. Films like The Descent, Paranormal Activity, and 28 Days Later have all become iconic for their darker unused endings, and many fans have gradually begun to accept those endings as the real finales of the story. It all depends on your preference, and unless Get Out gets a sequel that confirms where Chris goes next, nobody can really tell you otherwise.

Let us know which ending from Jordan Peele's Get Out that you prefer. The hit horror film will hit shelves on Blu-ray next month on May 23.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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