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Spider-Man: HomecomingNow that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is behind us, it's time to turn our attention to the next entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. The newest trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming is here and it shows us just how cool the tech inside Peter Parker's new suit really is. He has all sorts of interesting new ways to get cats out of trees. Check it out.

It makers some sense that since the Spider-Man suit was created by Tony Stark, he'd give it an onboard AI, similar to what his own Iron Man suit has. The new trailer opens with a voice informing Peter that he has 576 possible web shooter combinations available in the suit. That honestly sounds a bit like overkill, but apparently, it only scratches the surface, as later in the trailer we discover that the suit has numerous other abilities which have been disabled by Stark because he feels Peter needs "training wheels." We're really hoping those training wheels come off at the end of the movie.

Since Peter isn't expecting the suit to start talking to him, it's clear that the suit in Spider-Man: Homecoming is an upgrade even to the one that Peter Parker wore during the events of Captain America: Civil War. One could easily assume that the original suit was thrown together fairly quickly to get Peter ready to fight alongside team Iron Man, the new one was designed with more TLC involved.

Of course, as cool as the suit is, that doesn't mean that Peter Parker gets to use it to do particularly amazing things. We see in the trailer that Spider-Man is going to start out as very much a street level hero, helping old ladies across the street and stopping bicycle thieves. Peter wants to do more, but, as we've seen in previous trailers, Tony Stark wants Peter to stay low level, passing the important stuff up to whatever's left of the Avengers. When Peter comes across some pretty high tech weapons being used in simple robberies, he wants to track down the source, but Tony wants him to keep his head down.

The source, as we already know, is Michael Keaton's character. When the Vulture first appears here he pulls Spider-Man out of the sky and pulls him high in the air before a parachute deploys apparently saving the web-slinger.

While we haven't been without a big screen Spider-Man for a long time this version truly does feel different from the last couple iterations. Seeing Peter Parker as a real teenager, including being rebellious and unable to listen to reason, is a version that we simply haven't seen on screen before, even though that was a big part of the character's comic book history. We're looking forward to seeing what else Spider-Man: Homecoming does that's new when the movie hits screens July 7.

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