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The positive reviews, record breaking box office haul, and all around good vibes surrounding Wonder Woman has lifted the spirits of the DC Extended Universe. Unsurprisingly, those involved in Wonder Woman are walking on air at the moment, while they've also been taking the time to thank moviegoers for heading to cinemas in their droves to see the blockbuster. Director Patty Jenkins is the latest to do just that, as she has posted a gushing message that details exactly how proud and touched she has been by the support that Wonder Woman has received. It is enough to bring a tear to the eye, and you can check it out, below.

While it's nice that Patty Jenkins took to Twitter to thank the hoard of moviegoers that have allowed Wonder Woman to so far rack up a worldwide box office total of $240 million, it really feels as though we should be genuflecting and thanking her for her astounding efforts. Because not only did Wonder Woman manage to bring the character to life in a pulsating, original, hilarious, and genuinely touching and enthralling fashion, but it also did the character justice, too. Diana Prince's compassion and her determination to do good, as well as Gal Gadot's towering performance, were truly a breath of fresh air. Especially considering many of the superheroes that are depicted onscreen are either too dark or too mired in their own struggles to inspire audiences completely.

Because of this, let's hope that Wonder Woman's stay at the box office remains fruitful for quite some time, and that it can ultimately rival the huge hauls of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Suicide Squad. We can only hope that Wonder Woman, which has easily become the most critically lauded of the installments to the DC Extended Universe, should take its place as its most profitable, too. I'm still slightly doubtful that it will be able to do just that, but we can dream.

Either way, it looks as though this is just the beginning for Wonder Woman's adventures on the big-screen. That's because there has already been plenty of chatter about a follow-up, as director Patty Jenkins has spoken openly about taking the character to contemporary America, while it's safe to say that Warner Bros. and DC Films have tied Gal Gadot down to a long-term contract as the superhero. If for some bizarre reason they haven't done that, it's still likely that the Israeli actress would instantly agree to return anyway. That's because she's freaking Wonder Woman. And she's rather good at playing her, too.

Thankfully we'll get to see Gal Gadot in action as Wonder Woman again before the year is out anyway, as she will star in Justice League, which is due to hit on November 17.

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