Wonder Woman may be the dominant DC hero of the moment, courtesy of Patty Jenkins' blockbuster origin film, but Batman enjoyed an impressive run for several years between the early Superman days and now. There was a period where the Dark Knight was played in screen by an army of A-list talents -- from Michael Keaton and Val Kilmer to George Clooney and Christian Bale -- in an array of good (and bad) Batman films. With each new year comes another anniversary of a classic Batman film... and a not-so-classic film, like Joel Schumacher's final stab at the Caped Crusader, Batman & Robin.

Several people behind the neon-drenched Day Glo nightmare sat down with The Hollywood Reporter recently to talk about what went right, and what went wrong, as Batman & Robin turns 20 years old. And in the process, they put to rest a few longstanding rumors that have swirled around the project for years. Let's run through the most interesting ones that, officially, can be laid to rest.

Patrick Stewart Was Never Supposed To Play Freeze

Nabbing Patrick Stewart for the villainous role of Victor Freeze could have been a coup for Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin. The esteemed thespian was already winning fans as Picard in the Star Trek universe. There have been rumors that Stewart and Anthony Hopkins (currently seen in a Transformers sequel) were considered for the role that eventually went to Arnold Schwarzenegger, but Joel Schumacher tells THR that isn't the case. The director confirms:

It's a wonderful idea. But no one ever suggested him. I had met with Arnold several times, because he was always interested in working together.

I'm not sure if it has ever been confirmed that Patrick Stewart was the inspiration for the Mr. Freeze that turned up on the Batman: The Animated Series program, which ran on TV through the 1990s. But because Stewart never got in the conversation for Batman & Robin, Freeze will be frozen in our minds as a cigar-chomping, pun-spitting supervillain. That's a shame.

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