It's a brave new world for comic book movies, as studios are showing an increased willingness to take risks and try new things with the genre. In the realm of DC movies, few upcoming projects epitomize that idea more than David Ayer's Gotham City Sirens. In the process of taking the spotlight off of the Caped Crusader, the upcoming film will show the titular urban hellhole in a brand new light by focusing on the conflict between the villainous Sirens and the heroic Birds of Prey team.

That said, as excited as we are for Gotham City Sirens, we still know very little about who will take part in the film. One of the most important and fundamental characters in the entire story is Pamela "Poison Ivy" Isley, but no casting reports have been confirmed yet with regards to who will take on the role. To better make sense of this beloved character, we have compiled a list of nine actresses that we think are perfect choices that DC needs to consider. We have quite a few unique options to consider, so we're going to kick this off with an actress who has already shown an interest in joining the DCEU as Poison Ivy.

Jessica Chastain

Kicking off this list is none other than Jessica Chastain -- an actress who seems to have made a genuine and concerted effort to avoid pigeonholing herself in any particular genre as an actress ever since she entered the limelight. Between her work on films like Zero Dark Thirty and Crimson Peak, she has established her ability to convey strength and menace with ease, but her performances in The Help and The Huntsman: Winter's War have also confirmed her knack for sympathetic heroism and charm. Ms. Chastain has already said to CinemaBlend that she is very interested in portraying Poison Ivy at some point in the near future, so this casting decision seems like a complete no-brainer for the folks at DC.

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