Check Out Dolph Lundgren Doing Stuntwork For Aquaman

All eyes are on the upcoming Justice League movie, but production is currently underway on the standalone Aquaman movie. While other superhero movies might have people tumbling through the air or getting involved in intricate fight sequences, Aquaman stuntwork looks a little different. It looks like swimming of course. Check out Dolph Lundgren getting physical in his stunt work with the new video, below.

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In thevideo, we see Dolph Lundgren, who will be playing King Nereus in Aquaman, hooked up to a massive rig so that he can be hung in midair. With the help of the rig and two other people, he can be pushed through the air, in what will turn into water thanks to blue screen effects in the final film. Clearly, Lundgren needs to get his movements down so that what he's doing looks more like swimming and less like floating in the movie. While we don't necessarily expect to see a great deal of underwater material from Aquaman in Justice League, in the Aquaman movie we would expect most of the film to take place underwater.

Production work for Aquaman is underway now at the same time that Justice League is about to go in for reshoots. The DCEU is going full swing now, in a much better position thanks to the overwhelmingly positive response to Wonder Woman. We've seen Amber Heard getting herself into great physical shape for her role as Mera. Dolph Lundgren is pretty much always in great physical shape, but he's also working hard to get the movie right.

Dolph Lundgren's King Nereus rules a different aquatic kingdom and traditionally has eyes for Mera, as will Jason Momoa's Arthur Curry. Traditionally the character is seen as a villain, though director James Wan has clarified that's not quite the case here. With both the Ocean Master and Black Manta also set to appear in the Aquaman movie, there were obviously enough bad guys already. Three villains would be a lot and while the "too many villains" problem in comic book movies isn't actually a death sentence unto itself, it's certainly difficult to balance a coherent story when trying to feature so many characters.

Currently, the Aquaman movie is scheduled for release on December 21, 2018. This gives the cast and crew most of the rest of the year to get things ready for shooting. Considering the amount of blue screen filming that will be needed and the practice that everybody will need to do to get their "swimming" right, it's probably good that they're working on it now.

After seeing Wonder Woman we're certainly excited to see the other DC heroes take center stage in their own movie. Following Aquaman we will also see a movie for The Flash, assuming they can find a director.

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