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If you've been keeping tabs on the Han Solo standalone movie in recent days, you should by now be familiar with the fact that Phil Lord and Chris Miller unceremoniously departed the flick partway through filming. Just as quickly, Ron Howard took over, but the shakeups have made plenty of people understandably a little nervous about what's going on with the flick. That said, Disney CEO Bob Iger was recently asked to convince the fans that the film is not going to be "doomed" and he had the following to say about the movie:

First of all, we have a great cast, we have a great script and we have a great director. It's gonna be fine. I'm very excited.

TMZ is never an outlet to mess around, and so when a video journalist caught Bob Iger in public, one of the big questions that was asked was whether or not the Han Solo movie is doomed. Of course, I wouldn't expect Bob Iger to be a man to cave under pressure and cry about any stress or deadlines related to the Han Solo movie, but he seemed more bemused about the questions than anything. He also said he had confidence in Ron Howard, despite the fact that Howard has only filmed one space movie, Apollo 13, before this. And Howard has been open about the joy he felt when taking over the project, and that he's a fan of the film franchise, seeing the original film twice in one day when it opened.

So, if you are a naysayer who has been worried about where the Han Solo movie is going and whether or not its direction will be salvageable, Bob Iger would like you to put your fears aside and just go see the damn movie. Speaking of that, though, he refused to answer when questioned about whether or not the Han Solo movie will see any delays thanks to the changing of the guard. The movie is supposed to be released on May 25, 2018 and Disney and Lucasfilm have already said that date remains unchanged. However, if the movie ends up hitting delays and not adhering to its schedule we wouldn't be shocked. Disney's all about working magic, though, so hopefully the date will work out.

At this point, the movie is partway through production, and while it has a release date, it doesn't even have a title yet, which is fairly striking for a movie of that magnitude. Once Disney and all the parties working on the movie have that figured out, I'm sure we'll get a big announcement related to what the Han Solo movie will officially be called. From my end, that frankly can't come soon enough. While we wait to hear more about Ron Howard's take on the movie, you can take a look at what we know about the Han Solo movie so far.

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