Chris Miller Kinda Sorta Maybe Addressed The Han Solo Departure With A Han Solo Quote

Han Solo as Stormtrooper

Ever since the news broke that directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were leaving the upcoming Han Solo movie, the pair has remained radio silent. However, recently Chris Miller took to Twitter and may have quietly responded to the situation. Yesterday afternoon Miller posted a pair of tweets, his first in over two weeks, and one of them was two simple words that have a significance to Han Solo.

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It's not much, but at the same time, it might say quite a bit. "Situation Normal" is what Han Solo says over the radio to try and defuse the situation after he, Luke, and Chewbacca, have successfully blasted their way into the detention block in Star Wars: A New Hope. He's trying to reassure the other Imperials that everything is fine, and they don't need to worry.

The comment is so vague that we can't even be entirely certain he's making the reference, but even if he is, there are a couple of different ways to take it. On the one hand, he could be trying to reassure fans that everything is fine and they need not worry. Certainly, Phil Lord and Chris Miller are going to direct movies again, and as frustrating as leaving the Han Solo movie surely was, it's a minor setback. However, if we think back to the scene in question, we can't help but consider the fact that when Han Solo says "situation normal" he is, in fact, lying through his teeth. Things are not even a little bit normal. If Miller means to deliver the line the way Han Solo does here, he may be implying that things are more than a little crazy right now.

The real answer is probably someplace in between. Things probably are slightly bonkers. Chris Miller was planning on spending the next three weeks filming a movie with Phil Lord, and now that's not happening. People are dying to get their side of the story. Normal is probably not how they'd describe things right at the moment. At the same time, things will be normal again eventually. Everybody will move on, including Lord and Miller, and they'll find something new to direct where they can make a movie the way they want to do it.

Chris Miller is still trying to make things as normal as possible. The other tweet he sent off at around the same time as this one was a simple one singing the praises of Edgar Wright's Baby Driver, telling people they should go see it. Which is true, you absolutely should. See? Everything's fine here. How are you?

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