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The Hulk Movie James Gunn Has Always Wanted To Direct

Hulk thor Ragnarok

Director James Gunn has made his name directing the incredibly successful Guardians of the Galaxy movies for Marvel Studios, becoming one of their key creative collaborators. Although It's fair to say that not many people were probably dreaming of making a movie about the Guardians of Galaxy before 2014. Before he began working his group of lovable space rogues, Gunn had his eyes on none other than the Incredible Hulk. Gunn was once interested in doing a Hulk movie and of the many storylines ready for adaptation, he wanted to finally bring the Red Hulk to the big screen.

I wanted to do Hit Monkey. Like REALLY wanted to do it. I was also interested in doing a Hulk/Red Hulk film.

James Gunn is probably one of the most accessible filmmakers out there. He seems to always be willing to chat with fans on social media and recently did a fun Q&A on Facebook answering some of his fans burning questions. (SPOILER: The final Infinity Stone is in Rocket's butt). One fan asked Gunn if there was a superhero movie he really wanted to make before he started working on the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. In typical Gunn fashion, he was really interested in one obscure Marvel property, but he also wanted to do a Hulk/Red Hulk film.

For the record, Hit-Monkey is an actual monkey who learns how to fight and becomes the world's greatest assassin. It's a fairly obscure Marvel Comics character and it's got James Gunn written all over it. I'd rather see him do that than a Hulk movie if I'm being honest. You can't deny his track record with anthropomorphic animals!

Hit-Monkey Deadpool

The Red Hulk is a character that comes up a lot when people talk about who they want to see in the MCU. That interest was reinvigorated thanks to the reintroduction of General Ross -- who finally says screw it and becomes Red Hulk in the comics -- in Captain America: Civil War. The Red Hulk is literally a red version of the Hulk, but keeps his wits about him when he transforms and gets hotter instead of stronger when he's angry. He's an extremely powerful character, able to take on the Hulk on his best day. It's probably only a matter of time before the Red Hulk makes his MCU debut, but in what capacity is a subject for debate.

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