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Would Edgar Wright Direct A DCEU Movie? Here’s What He Says

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Edgar Wright famously spent years working on an adaptation of Marvel's Ant-Man before the director and studio decided that they just couldn't work together. So what are the chances that Wright could try another comic book movie on the other side of the fence? The director of current film Baby Driver was recently asked if he'd be interested in taking on a DC Comics film, and while Wright didn't discount the idea entirely, there's at least one major problem with the concept. He doesn't really know DC.

I don't know. I'm really not too familiar with their heroes, so I couldn't say which one I would do.

Clearly, Edgar Wright doesn't say "no" right out of the gate, which means he'd be willing to at least entertain the idea of directing a movie within the DC universe, but his comments to Screen Geek show no particular interest in that regard. His comment is also quite vague so when he says he's "not too familiar" with the characters, we're not sure if he means he doesn't know them well enough to judge which character would be a good fit, or if he literally doesn't know them. DC has some of the biggest names in the genre, though that being said, if Edgar Wright were to direct a DC movie, seeing him take on a smaller character would be more likely.

That was the idea when Edgar Wright came on board to direct Ant-Man for Marvel. It was an exciting idea for a lot of people. Edgar Wright has a unique style that fans thought would have been great for such an off-the-wall character as Ant-Man. However, eventually, it was decided that Edgar Wright's movie was going to be a bit too "Edgar Wright" for Marvel's taste.while all parties appear to have movie passed it, it wouldn't be surprising to see Edgar Wright less interested in jumping into somebody else's movie world, but here it sounds like if the right project came along, he might be willing to give it another shot.

Of course, if we were to consider where Edgar Wright might fit in the DCEU, there are a couple of places that pop immediately to mind. First and foremost, there's a Flash movie that is having a nearly impossible time finding a director. We're not sure DC would consider Wright for such a top tier character, possibly for all the same reason that Ant-Man didn't work for Marvel, but there's certainly a lot there that would be appealing. Alternatively, several months ago there was talk of a Booster Gold movie, that might not even technically become part of the DCEU. A standalone movie about a character who uses time travel technology to be a superhero glory hound might be just the sort of off the wall character that would be great for Wright to take a crack at.

We don't know if Edgar Wright will ever get his chance to direct a superhero movie, but if he does, CinemaBlend will be here to let you know.

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