Booster Gold's Writer Is Confirmed, Get The Details

It was previously reported that Warner Bros. was going to make a Booster Gold film with Greg Berlanti, one of the masterminds behind DC TV shows like Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl, behind the helm as producer. The director’s chair is empty right now (though Berlanti has stated he wouldn’t mind giving it a shot), but the writer of the movie was rumored to be Zack Stentz, screenwriter of Thor and X-Men: First Class. Now we’ve got confirmation from the man himself that he will be heading over to DC to write Booster Gold.


Zack Stentz appeared as a contestant on Screen Junkies' Movie Fights YouTube show, where he guest starred alongside comic book mega fan Kevin Smith. Though it was a Captain America: Civil War related episode, Stentz was able to happily confirm he’d be writing the Booster Gold movie.

I am jumping into the DC Universe with both feet, and I am at least, until they fire me, I'm gonna be writing Booster Gold — for the big screen.

Zack Stentz is no stranger to the superhero genre, having written a number of films and science fiction TV episodes. He helped re-establish a new era of X-Men films with X-Men: First Class and introduced everyone to Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. He’s also the writer of the new Power Rangers movie (the one where they look like Iron Man). If you’re worried about him writing a DC property with all that Marvel on his resume, then know that he wrote an excellent episode of The Flash that aired last week and was directed by Kevin Smith. Stentz is a very balanced screenwriter so it’ll be interesting to see what he can bring to a very humor oriented hero like Booster Gold.


It seems like Warner Bros. is going into high gear to re-tool the DC Expanded Universe. One of the biggest criticisms about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Man of Steel is that they were too humorless and dreary. Warner Bros. seems to be taking that to heart, pushing the humor of Suicide Squad – their hail Mary pass, at this point – and green lighting a property as inherently silly as Booster Gold. This is all good news, and it’s crazy to think that just a year ago there were rumors that Warner Bros didn’t want any jokes in the DC films.


For anyone who wants to watch Zack Stentz duke it out on Movie Fights, you can check out the episode below. Stentz reveals his involvement with Booster Gold pretty early in the video around the three-minute mark.


All in all, there’s a lot to be happy about for DC films. Justice League may still be in a little trouble, but the films beyond that still look promising. It’s pretty awesome that we live in a world where even someone like Booster Gold can get a movie.

Are you all excited for the film? Is Zack Stentz a guy we can all get behind? Sound off your opinions in the comments below. 

Matt Wood

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