If there's a genre that understands the value of a good sequel, it's the realm of the horror movie. We've seen this happen with Ouija: Origin of Evil, and more recently with Annabelle: Creation. Two promising ideas were turned into less interesting cash grabs, but were eventually revived with the right amount of vision and talent behind their sequels. And this got us to thinking, what other good concepts of horror could be saved with a second installment of better execution? Well, you're about to find out, as we're pitching seven movies that didn't do well the first time out, but could be redeemed by much better sequels.

Fade To Black

Let's start with a film so obscure that you've never heard of it, but it's so interesting that you ought to track it down: 1980's Fade To Black. A story about a young man obsessed with the movies, the film's horror aspect comes into play when he uses that obsession to inspire a series of murders. A misfit lashing out against those who did him wrong is already horror genius, but a soft reboot sequel could see a new killer inspired by classic Hollywood to rail against the modern blockbuster system. This murderous quest to make the movies great again would not only act as a proper sequel to honor the intent of the original Fade To Black, it would also be quite a meta horror film. If you don't think that concept is a winner, don't forget that Wes Craven's New Nightmare is another sequel that helped erase a franchise's troubled past.

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