Watch Stanley Tucci Awkwardly Forget He Worked With Emma Thompson On Beauty And The Beast

While moviegoers and film fans are essentially walking IMDB databases, the same can't always be said for the actors in the films. Performers accrue a ton of credits if they've been working for years, so the memory of certain films can get a bit hazy. Case in point: the always delightful Stanley Tucci. Tucci has a lengthy filmography from his decades in the business, so I guess we can forgive the fact that not every film is etched into stone in his memory. Because on a recent talk show appearance, he completely forgot that he had worked with actress Emma Thompson in Disney's recent Beauty and the Beast remake. And it's all on film, check it out at the 3:16 point.

Woops. If memories about Beauty and the Beast was the Witch's test for Tucci, it's safe to say he's be rocking some hooves and horns at this point. Because he totally forgot that both he and Emma Thompson voiced enchanted objects in the live-action remake.

And while it's enjoyable to poke fun at Stanley Tucci for his momentary lapse of memory, you can't really blame him for forgetting the actors who voiced the various characters. Voice over work is a famously solitary experience, so it's not like he was physically working with Emma Thompson. And while he would have easily recalled certain members of the cast who he had scenes with, it looks like Emma Thompson slipped his mind. But after all, they were likely only on set together for the final scene, where the objects come back to life. And Tucci wasn't actually working with Thompson in this scene.

Stanley Tucci recently appeared on the British talk show Lorraine, to promote his various film projects. In particular, Tucci discussed his upcoming drama The Children Act, which is based off of the novel of the same name. When discussing how psyched he was to work with Emma Thompson, he falsely claimed it was their first time working together. Although to be fair, The Children Act is indeed the first time the duo got to share scenes with each other in the flesh, so it no doubt feels like the first time all over again. The film will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival this September, so we'll get some more information about Tucci and Thompson's big screen meeting soon.

In Beauty and the Beast, Stanley Tucci played the newcomer character Maestro Cadenza, who isn't really in the first feature film. He's the Beast's court composer, and is transformed into a harpsichord when The Enchantress puts the entire castle under her spell. Throughout the film he and Audra McDonald's wardrobe lament how their bulky size keeps them from each other in the castle, and they get a glorious reunion during the film's happy ending. Emma Thompson played the iconic Mrs. Potts, and was more of a main character than Tucci.

You can purchase your own copy of Beauty and the Beast now, complete with Stanley Tucci and Emma Thompson. In the meantime, check out our 2017 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Corey Chichizola
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