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Watch Paul Walker Fans Lobby City Hall For A Paul Walker Mount Rushmore

Paul Walker in Into the Blue

Surfers get a bum rap. People assume that because the beach-bum community's largely dedicated to seeking out the tastiest waves, they can't unify behind any real purpose in life. Not true. Sometimes, surfers understand that -- in times of national crisis -- we need a monument that brings the world together. A statue to a figure of greatness. That's why these guys stood up in front of a City Hall meeting in California and lobbied for a Paul Walker Mount Rushmore. Seriously, this is one of the best videos I've ever seen:

There are so many brilliant one-liners in that video, I hardly know where to start. But I believe that, if they are being serious, Chad Kroeger (no, not THAT Chad Kroeger) really wants the politicians of San Clemente to fund a statue to the late actor, Paul Walker. As Kroeger points out, 2017 has been a complete bummer. These are gnarly times. And a tribute to Paul Walker can make amazing strides in bringing people together, to being "a beacon of headlights that guide us down a dusty road." That line's so fantastic, it's used twice.

How can we not take Chad Kroeger seriously? He bothered to put on a tie. It doesn't match his tie-dyed shirt, or his ski cap. But what do you want, man? Sadly, Kroeger wasn't 100% prepared for this presentation. When a councilman asks Kroeger if Paul Walker even has any ties to the San Clemente community, Kroeger tries to drop some real knowledge by saying that "P Dubs" (a nickname given to the late actor) attended high school there. Win! Only, it was Walker's cousin who went to school there... and even that fact is called into question.


ABC7 has updates from the meeting, quoting a Paul Walker fan as stating:

One of the Dakotas has Mount Rushmore. We could have Mount Paul Walker. If we just put our hearts into this, I know we could get it done.

Hard to argue against that logic. Unfortunately, as you can tell by the video, the politicians of San Clemente aren't buying it. They have no interest in building any sort of Mount Rushmore that includes Paul Walker's face. Nor do they want to construct the 12-foot statue that Chad Kroeger and his brother in arms, Bodhie (last name not given, though he says he's a freelance journalist), propose. This just means that 2017 is going to continue to be a bummer year, and we'll continue to look for a unifying figure outside of the Fast & Furious franchise.

Hey Vin Diesel? Can you take a break from performing in the live-action Fast and Furious stage show and lend some support to Chad and Bohdie? They want a statue, or a monument, erected to Paul Walker. They could use your star power. If ever there was a moment that you need to race to a spot and show your love for your lost brother, Paul, this is the time.

This all might be an elaborate joke. If it is, these guys have done an excellent job of staying on script, staying in character, and making valid points. I'm staying with it, for the time being, because -- like a child on Christmas Eve -- I want to believe that it's real.

Sean O'Connell

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